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I am sure there are many others, if you are real animate about your favorite CMS.  Feel free to comment.
If there is a really good one out there,  let us all know about it!


BuggyButton Automotive Advertising

Why Was BuggyButton Created?

BuggyButton was inspired by my daughter, who was looking for her first car. – A great father daughter moment!

Although many car dealers are on the internet, we were surprised how many dealers do not offer a way to find their dealership’s location, website or inventory online!  Needless to say, if they advertised their vehicles on the internet, shopping would have been much more efficient and less time consuming.  We passed by many dealers (Mostly Mom & Pop Dealers) that we did not know existed and rarely stopped in to see what they had to offer, only because we were focused on another pre-planned dealer visit.

So as an effort to help spread the location of dealers and the car inventory they offer on the world wide web, I created BuggyButton.  Plus it is a lot of fun, it is like traveling (Via the Internet) across the country finding new places!

Grand Cherokee

– My daughter ultimately found her car, a Jeep Grand Cherokee via Craigslist.